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The history of a cult brand

1962 "Capri-Sun"

The "Capri-Sun" trademark is registered for Deutsche SiSi-Werke.

1956 Rudolf Wild Werke

Deutsche SiSi-Werke acquired by Rudolf Wild Werke, Heidelberg-Eppelheim.

1969 The first flavors

Capri-Sun is launched on the German market in a stand-up pouch. The first flavors are orange, lemon and apple.

1975 Capri-Sun becomes market leader

Capri-Sun becomes the German market leader among fruit-juice beverages in flexible packaging.

1976 International marketing

Capri-Sun is first marketed on an international level.

1979 Muhammad Ali

A legendary marketing coup: World-class boxer Muhammad Ali becomes the Capri-Sun spokesman. This lays the cornerstone for the brand's success in the US and Asia.

The first production site outside of Germany is opened in Columbus, Ohio.

1980 Expansion

Expansion to Africa and Asia: other production sites are opened in Nigeria and Japan.

1982 "Packaging of the year"

Capri-Sun is named the best new product launch on the American market; the pouch is awarded the coveted US medal "Packaging of the year.“

1992 Market leader in Europe

Capri-Sun becomes the market leader in Europe.

1994 Market leader in the US

Capri-Sun becomes the market leader in US.

2002 Production in China

Production begins in China: Capri-Sun is now produced in 18 countries across the globe.

2003 The Capri-Sun pouch is sold in over 100 countries

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment has categorized the Capri-Sun pouch as being environmentally friendly, which means that the pouch is exempt from the deposit laws.

After distribution began in the Baltic and the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden, Capri-Sun is now sold in over one hundred countries throughout the world.

2004 Over five billion Capri-Sun pouches sold

For the first time, a global total of over five billion Capri-Sun pouches are sold.

2005 The first Capri-Camp

In Playa Blanca on Lanzarote, the first international Capri-Camp is held, a vacation venue which Capri-Sun designed to be full of adventure and learning in which children deal with the topics of diet, exercise and creativity.

2006 The "new Capri-Sun" arrives!

It contains fruits from controlled-integrated cultivation and has the seal of quality from Institut Fresenius.

A lower-calorie range is launched with 30% less sugar; it is first released in Apple-Black Currant and Orange-Passion Fruit flavors.

2007 The year of the "tall Capri-Sun"

The 40th Birthday "tall Capri-Sun“ is first marketed in Europe in a reclosable 0.33 liter spouted pouch in the flavors Orange-Peach and Wild Berries.